FANDOM cause I don't notice that a user calls Rowan a ten year old...and I side with that user cause she was insulted by Perry and now hollered at for insulting Perry back...and when I side with her...Rowan now hates me?

And because Cutecoolgirl DOESN'T Rowan HATES ME EVEN MORE.

Have I gotten a chance to say MY WORDS?


I aplogized to BOTH Perry and Rowan.

And's not my fault I'm oblivious to the words I say. Oh, I'm sorry...I was busy sending an email to Atelda while that user called you a 10 year old.

Now I have to bend over backwards to try to convince Rowan that I"m SORRY

Final words to users,

Perry, I'm glad you aplogized...I'm sorry for being mean to you...Friends?

Rowan, I like you've always stuck by me...but I was never against YOU...I was against PERRY...I'm so sorry I didn't realize that that user called you a 10 year old. I think you're AWESOME...and I just wish you'd understand that I'm sorry.

So yeah.

I hope that does SOMETHING


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