Hi everyone. I have been inactive for alot of reasons.

I apologize for that. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY busy.

Lemme explain why I am inactive:

1. Victorious Wiki

I have been really busy on the Victorious Wiki with trying to earn badges. I am trying to become a rollback or chat mod on there so it's caused me to...sort of...migrate over to that Wiki. And...yeah.

2. The Wiki is dead anyway

Why should I waste my time coming on a Wiki with people that never bother to even do their articles or advice? I mean really.... No one, except Matt, is ever on chat. Why am I wasting my time on here?

3. Personal life

Tons of stuff has happened in my personal life...and I'm not telling you what...I'll tell you later.

But anyway, it's caused me to be inactive.


I apologize for my inactivity...I'll try to stay back much as I can..but still..seriously guys.

Please do your articles.


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