It is time for your fav blog write another one! :D

To start things off, please read my latest blogs...please...they're very important.

Anyways...this is a problem I've noticed.

What happened to this Wiki?

What are we now? We're just this dead website who is wasting their time editing for honestly no real purpose.

Honestly, I liked the times when we all used to just hang on chat and idk...I never enjoyed the drama though. Although it did make things more...less boring...(not to say I enjoyed it or anything)...but it did...make me less bored.

But idk...I liked the times when we were all a big happy family that couldn't seem to get along at all :D

Those were the days.

And now everyone is gone...mostly everyone just left.

Those days are over, sadly.

And we just have to accept that and move on.

Even though I continue to ask the same question: What happened?

Thanks for reading,

Z Message Wall 20:09, July 30, 2012 (UTC)

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