As I can see, nobody has been doing their articles. Don't listen to HAVE to do them...the Wiki is called ANUBIS DO YOUR NEWS...

Seriously guys. Not all your articles HAVE to be about Anbuis News.


Amx's Wednesday article rights are gone. Seddielover45 has taken over.

Anyone who doesn't do their articles for two weeks...will get demoted of their rights, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anyone who doesn't put their articles in their Old Article page will recive a warning...after three warnings, their article rights will be demoted...NO EXCEPTIONS.

These rules are strict, but if you own an article day, then own it right >.>

And here are the new results for the article people:

  • Monday- Rach
  • Tuesday- Kim
  • Wednesday- Lovah
  • Thursday- Fabian
  • Friday- Amber
  • Saturday- Matt
  • Sunday- Me (Z)

Thanks for that.


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