Something I've been noticing is that we have too many mods/admins.

Too much admins

We really don't need FIVE admins. I think two admins should be demoted.

I think the only admins should be me, Kim, and Matt.

Perry and Rach don't take on their admin roles as much as they should.

Imagine if Perry was demoted...there would be absolutley no difference. I'm sure Perry just wants to be admin cause he just wants to the title. He doesn't take on his role.

I also realize that Rach is on vacation...but when she isn't on vacation...she's almost always inactive...and as an MUST be logged on...making sure everything goes well...instead of being logged out and checking through the activity...that's not a good admin job.

Kim is very helpful and very listening twoards others like good admin would. She'd be a good person to be in charge and I think Rach should hand over the "in charge" stick to her.

In my opinion, I'm the person who keeps all the pages up-to-date and under control. I just happen to spruce up all the pages really better than others...which makes me a good admin.

And Matt is very good at the MediaWiki pages and making our Wikia a very complex and better place with his codes.

Too much mods

All of our mods are very good and qualified but one must step down from their posititon...and I'm too confused on who it should be.

So yeah honestly, that's my opinion...

Too many people are asking to be mods or admins...and it's all too confusing.

We should only stick with 5 staff members and only promote a new one if another one steps down or that person just REALLY deserves it.

That's my opinion and what I think should happen.

Perry, Rach, don't freak out...PLEASE.

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