We all know FabianBryce!, the user that gets under everyone's skin MOST OF THE TIME.

Well I am going to do a brief history of Fabian and tell you many secrets you'll never guess. So let's begin, shall we? It all started when Fabian wanted to create a Wiki so that's what he did, obviously. Back in March, when he was a newb, he was stuck up, and very snobby towards many.

We all could not stand it with him constantly insulting us. Then, one time he turned his back on Matt for one of his sockpuppet accounts. Matt clearly had been sucking up to Fabian for too long, and dumped him out and left his Wiki. Fabian never did anything for Matt, yet Matt did everything to Fabian and he betrays him. Now Fabian calls Matt a "friend".

Perry and Fabian NEVER got along. NEVER. They were both similar in their own ways though did never seem to get along. They fought contstantly and then stopped later. Fabian always picked fights with Perry. Now Fabian calls Perry a "friend."

Fabian basically copied everything that Rach did. He was SO jealous that Rach's Wiki was getting more attention because let's face it, Fabian's Wiki was so pointless and just a copy of the HoA Wiki. Rach's was a better and fun idea for a nice small community. Fabian started copying CONSTANTLY over Rach's ideas...and basically he copies everything everyone does. And FABIAN calls Rach a "friend."

Fabian seemed to be friendly to Kim. I mean, how could you not be friendly to Kim? I mean really. Fabian basically just like with Matt, never acknowledeged anything Kim did. And Fabian calls Kim a "friend."

And now me. Me and Fabian. Our history..oh it goes back...this is the part when secrets are revealed. I do not have proof of most of this and heads up, Fabian WILL deny everything...but just listen. I met Fabian in March when I joined his Wiki. I told him it was pointless (which it was), and he freaked out at me, like I expected. Then in April we fought. May we fought. And once in June when Fabian finally became tolerable, (I think we all noticed he changed). He told me stuff. Lots of stuff.

Here's what I remember one night on his Wiki in late June:

"I always hated everyone on there except you, Z. You're really nice. I hated everyone since the start. I was mainly there just to cause trouble. I'm thinking about leaving that Anubis News DUMP cause everyone there is stuck up and snobby and pieces of *curse*. I can't wait to get out of there. Matt is so mean to everyone. Rach is so annoying and never comes on. Kim acts nice but we all know that she is just some over-aged MAN. Perry's always been a jerk to everyone. Flamez is weird. And honestly, I don't like anything about RowanFlight."

Those were his exact words which I copy/pasted. And I'm surprised he could even write that much. So honestly yeah.

That's the truth about our friend Fabian.

Hope you learned something from this.


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