Beginning (mispelled?) today...when I was in my car...driving home, I thought " I'm going back to Warriors Wiki pretty soon...and how will everyone know how much they helped me out?" So...clearly, I would like to make a blog thanking you all individually...for helping me. let's start.


Matt...oh are always stuck by my side and are always there for me. You're extremley smart especially when you're doing codes and stuff...WOW...

You always kept me up when I was down and thank you for that....

You are a maximum Arianator..or however you say it :P

Rowan are the most best friend EVER! I seriously...barely knew you at all and you spend your time trying to figure out who I am...and where I am? How awesome is've kept me confident to return to WW (Warriors Wiki) and I look forward to having you as my PCA mentor ;)

You always made me confident...thanks for that :)


OMG PERRY....I have to admit, you were a total...stuck-up jerk back then...but after you saw how annoying and mean you attempted to change...and really did...

I hope you stay like this and we don't get into any are so funny and so awesome...and you will always be my friend...

You taught me to be nice to others and not mean...and to keep your friends...thanks for that :)

Kim are like so nice...if nice was in the dictionary...the definition would be: Kim. are a great admin and a great friend :)

You taught me to always be compasionate (mispelled?) of others so thanks for that :D

Rach are so nice...seriously...although we usually don't see eye to eye on what's best for the Wiki...I still consider you a great friend and an awesome founder...

Thanks for creating the place that changed everything inside me :)


Fabian...dude...seriously...back in were a jerky newbie...but changed DEFINANTLY...WHO AGREES?'s unbelieveable how much you've been are the most awesome friend ever...and even if you are underaged....don't worry...I won't tell.. ;)

You taught me that changes can be made...thanks for that :3


You are pretty nice and yeah...and you're just like I wrong?'re cool and thanks for being an awesome friend :)


Ok's what you guys have been asking..."WHY ARE YOU MAKING A BLOG ABOUT ALL THIS"...and what I have to say is cause...

You all taught me so many edit, and be me when I came back in February to go on Warriors Wiki...I was a stuck-up snob..and a troll...but LOOK AT ME NOW

Look at the change from a jerky troll to an amazing editor...

And it's cause of you all

You all have a special place in my heart...(yes boys...even you guys :P)...

So I'll say it one more time



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