Heya guys's time for another Z blog. So, if you've seen Victorious and have seen The would know that one of the characters Jade does videos on stuff she hates...well...I thought maybe I could do that! :D we go

1- People licking their fingers after they ate

One thing that I ABSOULETLEY hate is when people lick their fingers after they ate. I find it disgusting to see someone eat Cheetos and then fricken lick their fingers and have that digusting, slobberly, soggy, wet stuff left on their fingers from what they licked. I just literally almost vomit when I see it. I hate it so much.

2- People repeating the same thing 100 times

I also can't stand it when people repeat the same things A HUNDRED when my mom tells me to do my's like every second "ZACH DO YOUR LAUNDRY" "ZACH DO YOUR LAUNDRY"...and I'm like "OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!"'s've got the word out when you say it don't have to repeat it EVERY SECOND...


Another thing I hate is that annoying sound girls make when they see each other...they go's're acting like you haven't seen the other person in five need to scream like there's a spider on your hand...yeesh.,..

4- Watches

I dispise of watches...I don't get why you have to wear something to tell time...unless you don't have a phone..what's the point in wearing one...AND don't have to wear the enormous, expensive ones...just to look cool...just look at your phone for god's sake...I don't get how watches are "fashionable"...they're a waste of money...

So yeah...those are 4 things I hate! guys may do What I Hate Blogs if you like...just inform that it was MY idea ;)

Thanks guys


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