So I've been making alot of blogs...alot...and this is my last one. For a while.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the August. And look how far we've come. Most Wiki's that are just created usually go dead after a month. But we haven't...well...not completley dead. But a little dead, so to speak.

This Wiki has grown...I mean we all know that. Even though none of us do our articles (lol)...this is still Anubis News. Our home. All of our homes. We've all just...migrated to other Wiki's. But how could any of us forget anything that happened here? What happened in March...or April...or May. Those were the times.

Our fun times.

But it's coming to an end...and maybe we should all put this Wiki on hold...until...season 3 of House of Anubis.

Let's just go back...and think about our times. When we all used to hang out on chat...have fun...get caught up in drama. Gosh, looking back on that drama makes me laugh. It's like, back then we were just kids. LOL. I feel like we've all matured...and we're like...idk...matured. And back then was fun. Even the drama was fun, because it felt so...idk. We were a family back then.

We were a happy family. And we all just gave up. And now look at us. Lord knows where Perry or Rach are. As far as I'm concerned, Rach is just an annon. Rowan left. Flamez hasn't been on. Fabian left. Blimey left. Amber has been inactive.

It's just me Kim and Matt. It makes me cry. To watch this Wiki be so...dead and me just thinking back...having all the memories. From the beginning our first the time Kim the time we all were in chat...laughing...having fun. As a family.

And it's all over.

And as much as it's saddens me, it's time.

I think it's time we all take a break from here. And return..when it's ready. When we know we're ready. Hopefully, we can have those times we had...back in March, April, May...and June. Hopefully.

But there isn't much time left.

Let's spend one last week here. Together.

And say goodbye to five months of fun...five months of friendship...and five months that we'll all never forget.

Let's just spend our last a family...before we all take a break.

Thanks for reading...and don't be sad...this is for the best.


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