Ok...I have an issue. As you can see...the title is clearly out of sarcasam.

Rach, this is not to insult you...this is too inform you..PLEASE do not leave cause I'm saying this. I am clearly stating my opinion on why I think you aren't taking your role as founder very well. leaving your Wiki...and supposably expecting people to come to you about EVERYTHING when you're unacceptable. say you leave and the minute Matt doesn't confront you about something. That makes it appropriate to flat out demote him? And spit on all the work he does.

I demote Penguins...cause heck, she does no work for the Wiki...and she's a b-crat over KIM...who has to be questioned and hollered at DAY BY DAY...cause you're not around.

This is your Wiki...are you gonna contribute or just leave the work to us? Are you just gonna say: all hate all hate me...I'm leaving.

Suck it up! Maybe it's're annoying us with your constant failiures at being a good founder.

I respect you. You are friendly...but the way you work is completley and utterly unaccpetable and not founder-like.

Founders...don't just make people admins cause THEY want to. Founders make people admins cause their COMMUNITY wants to. Making Penguins an admin cause she's your cousin. Trust me, if Matt was my brother and I created a Wiki and he did nothing, then I wouldn't make HIM and admin.

Also, the way you leave all the descions up to "you and Kim"...your answer is always no...

Kim asks "Hey! Z's done alot of work for your Wiki...maybe he should be admin." Your answer is "No"

I'm always asking you for help...and I'm always asking you to look over things...but you never do.

You do it when YOU want to do it...our opinions are never granted in your mind.

Leaving the Wiki that you created is out of control...and if you even try to leave cause of this, I'll be not shocked.

I could say a bunch of other things about your lack of founder abilities...but if I do, you'll leave.

You need to stop and let your community decide on things.

And you certainly need to change your attitude and the decisons you make.

I'm sorry if that was hurtful Rach.

But all of us have been thinking abou this.

Just change...that's all we ask

Thank you,


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