Hey guys, there is a new chat update and I just wanna go over the infulunces it will have on our rules.

First, I will go over all the new updates:


The sidebar has changed and has let you view all the people that are in the chat instead of showing you some of the users that are in. Since our maximum people of chatters are at least 4 that won't really make that much of a difference.


This new feature "kicking" allows moderators/admins to give the user no avaliablity to keep chatting. The user can just return to the chat. Banning is the same as kickbanning. Each kick will be a warning. The last warning will result in a ban from chat.

Banning also allows you to give an expiry time and a reason

Chat Moderator Promotion

The new chat feature gives a person the availablity to make others chat moderators easier. The new "click on user's name in chat" thingy is was more advanced and you can't make silly mistakes like make a user a chat mod for no reason or make a user kickbanned for no reason.

Thanks, and I hope all the staff memebers will enjoy this new update. The new chat update is coming on the 9th of May. Since our Wiki isn't "popular" we are delayed to May 9th. Boo hoo.


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