Ok guys. This is the day sadly :(

I am leaving. It is unfortunatly true.

Here are the reasons.

  1. The Wiki is dead, so there's no point in sticking around anymore.
  2. I am so busy with other Wiki's I can't work on this one anymore.
  3. I honestly am sick of the drama, and it seems no one is interested in doing anything on here anymore.


I just wanna say a huge thanks to everyone here, for making this Wiki the way it was. Since I first joined, was so much fun growing so close with all of you. We did have our share of drama, but it honestly just made us closer. Unfortunatley, Rowan left, Perry disabled his account, Stephanie got blocked, Blimey is no where to be seen, and Fabian checked out (yay).

All good things come to an end, and it's a time this one came to an end. I've had so much fun and I've grown so close with all of you so I thank you for that. It was a huge honor being an admin and working with everyone here. I'll never forget you guys. This Wiki is my home, and it matured me in so many ways.

I'll be on Victorious, Victorious Roleplaying, Sam and Cat, Warriors, Hollywood Heights, and Community Central so you can contact me anytime there.

I will return, don't know when...but it will be a while till I return. I am also resigning as admin, and passing my rights over to Flamez, cause he is certainly ready to take on the job, so Kim feel free to promote him.

Good luck to you all, and thanks for making this Wiki the best place I've ever been to...I'll never forget it.

Love you all (as friends)! :D

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