There were 10 of us. 10 of us living in a country called Wikia. A country of users going to different muesums of their intrests to help make the museums open to other others. 10 of us in a museum called Anubis News. A newspaper related to the TV show House of Anubis. There were ten of us...



Will (WCD)








The 10 of us never thought we would be the ones to save Wikia from a spreading virus. We chose to. And we regret nothing. My name is Z. I want you to hear my story. And how it all happened...


"MATT! WITH THE STUPID ALARM CLOCK!" I yelled. Matt snickered as he watched me smother my pillow all over my face. I had to share a room in our museum with Fabian and Matt. Will and Perry lived in the room next to us. Rach and Kim bunked in the room across the hall. Stephanie, Rowan, and Amber lived in the room down the hall. 10 was okay. I mean, it isn't too bad.

"Sorry Z, I am an early bird. Wanna go to the cafe? Fabian?" Matt asked. Fabian nodded dreaily. I grunted yes and we got dressed and headed out. Perry decided to join us.

As we sat down at the table, we noticed a staff member and Trellar, another staff member talking urgently looking at their laptop.

"They looked troubled," Perry observed, "What could they be talking about?" Perry got up and sneaked behind Trellar's chair. She immediatly slammed the laptop shut and gave Perry a stern look. Perry's eyes widened as he backed up and sat back down at our table.

"Don't worry....I can hack into Trellar's computer and see what she is looking at," Matt said, reasurring Perry. He went on to Hacker Pro and hacked into Trellar's computer.

"Wait," Fabian said, "So we can actually see what she is doing?!" Matt nodded. I looked at the computer screen and saw an email. It read....

Dear Trellar,
My name is John.  I am in charge of Wikipedia.  A new virus softwear has hacked
Wikipeida.  We need to move our users to Wikia.  The virus has also hacked 
YouTube.  These viruses come down and are black, slimy colored, drarwfs.  They 
can and will kill.  I hope that you can accept the Wikipedia users into the thing.
Also, I think that the viruses are

That's all I saw until Matt's laptop shut off. "Aww...crap...stupid battery ran out," Matt said. I looked at Perry. His eyes were widened in confusion and fear.

"You okay?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"Yeah, I can't wait till those Wikipedia users come to us," Perry said, hiding his previous facial expression.

All of a sudden, the clouds turned black and a loud buzzing sound came. A dark, errie voice almost whispered across the country. It whsipered


My heart pounded in my ears. As I ran for Anubis News, everything around me went blurry and slow. The sound of people screaming sounded like they were in a bubble that wouldn't pop. I didn't take notice if Matt, Fabian, or Perry was okay or even close by me...I just Anubis News. I then looked up and saw the black clouds were gone. The blurriness and slow motion stopped as I quickly got up with a jerk.

"Z!! Z!!!" I heard Rach's voice, "Z are you okay? It's like 9:30. You must've slept in."

"Huh? What? But Perry and Fabian and Matt and I went to the cafe and-

"Cafe? What are you talking about?" Perry asked as I saw him handing me ginger ale. I shook my head and nodded thanks as I sipped the Sprite-like beverage.

I got up and saw Amber at the printer. Amber printed out all of our newspapers to be shipped out and sold to users all over Wikia. Our papers were pretty popular with House of Anubis fans so we would never give up making them.

That night Kim, Rowan, Stephaine, and I went to go get ice cream. As the clerk handed us our creamy desserts. I saw Treallr again with that other staff member looking at Trellar's laptop. I narrowed my eyes. So maybe it wasn't a dream. If they really did that in my dream and are doing it now...could my dream possibly come true? I thought. I glanced at the girls all laughing and eating ice cream.

"Ok's gettin late...why don't we go home eh?" I said heplessly. Stephanie looked at me confused.

"Z, dude, we literally just sat down," she said. I shook my head and did a "go" motion with my arms. Kim rolled her eyes and she Rowan and Stephanie walked away whispering. I crouched down and went into the ice-cream booth. I grabbed a pan and slammed it on the ice-cream man's head. He fell down unconcious as I came up to the table.

Trellar and the staff member's table was right next to mine so I could hear their talking just clearly.

"What should we do? The viruses hacked YouTube and now Wikpedia!!! This is truly insane!!! Brandon, what do we do," Trellar asked.

"Calm down Trellar," the staff member who's name was apparently Brandon said, "We can do something."

"What's there left to do?" Trellar cried, "Wikia could be under attack!"

My eyes widened as I realized that I just expeirienced a dream-come-true.

I raced as fast as I could. All the way to Anubis News. I stumbled into my room and Matt screamed as if he saw a ghost.

"Z!!!" He exclaimed, "You almost made my lungs pop out." I shook my head.

"Come here," I said, glancing to make sure Fabian was asleep, "Get Will and Perry."

As all of us four guys sat down, I began to explain about what I saw with Trellar. Will snickered almost every word I said.

"Viruses??!! Attacking Wikia?" Will said laughing, "Impossible."

"Possible," I informed him, "I swear, I heard Trellar say that." Perry narrowed his eyes, thinking.

"So these viruses, what do they...look like?" He asked. I shook my head in confusion.

"I don't believe it," Will said, "There's absolutley NO way that that's possible."

"Well believe it happened, " I told him.

"Guys!! Look at this!" I ran over to where I saw Amber watching the World News. A reporter was saying,

"As these mutan viruses called, "Foleys" attack Wikipedia, the users pack up and leave their destroyed home. We wonder one thing....where will the Foleys head next?" Will's eyes were widening.

"I stand corrected," he said shaking. All ten of us (excecpt Fabian who was sleeping) were ridgid in shock. The fact that the Foleys were attacking every website they scared all of us. Rowan walked in the room.

"Um...Z...Trellar wants me, you, Perry, Rach, and Matt down at the Wikia Staff building," she said. Perry stared at me. I shook my head and all five of us went out and headed to the bulding.

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