YAY! 750 EDITS! Z IS HAPPY! Anyway, time for another Z blog. Now, this will annoy Rachel and I know it will but you need to listen to me clearly. I am an amazing editor. I NEED to edit pages that are locked and I think I deserve to take the job. I am always fair and am freindly to most people. I know, I get in fights but that's only becuase I just react to them. And I have to say it and you probably already no what its gonna be. I think I should become an admin. Here are my strengths and weaknesses.


  1. I can make alot of edits if you put me to it.
  2. I can help new users.
  3. I am good with techinical things
  4. I am very creative
  5. I can be freindly to MOST users. I SAID MOST


  1. I can be rude if the same personality is show to me
  2. I can get involved in drama often
  3. I could let chat eat away at my editing ALOT
  4. I can be inactive sometimes considering my browser is off

Wrap Up

So, that is it. 5 strengths vs 4 weaknesses. The first two weaknesses don't even affect the hard work I have done to get this postion. This is it. This is my final time asking. If you can't consider this, then I am not interested in becoming an admin. That's it. That is it


Now, in the comments. Write your usual comment and give me feedback.

At the end type YES if you think I should be and admin. Type NO if you think I shouldn't

Thanks so much for your understanding!

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