I gotta alot of stuff to say. So I will do it as fast as possible.

I beg you not to skim this blog, as it is very very important.

Update on Matt

His account has been globally blocked, not disabled though. He is underaged, and I reported him for that. He revealed that he was 11 on another Wiki, and he did alot of rude stuff on Twitter. Kim, I beg you to take away his administrator rights.

Movement to close the Wiki

I am officially sending an email to Wikia to shut down Anubis News. We had so many amazing memories here, but it has to come to an end. I realize that you guys really love it here, but keeping a dead, and just plain out shriveled up Wiki full of happy memories is just devestating. I have to do this. And who am I even talking to? Kim? Lovah? Mabye Rowan? Everyone is gone! I dont even know who I am talking to anymore >.<

Goodbye + Where will I be?

I will be on Hollywood Heights or Victorious Wiki if you need me. I have been working very hard on both Wikis.

Goodbye Anubis News. You guys have done so much for me, if it wasnt for you guys, I would be a Wikia dropout troll...who would be fishing for sockpuppets to return to Warriors Wiki. So I thank you for that :)

For now, goodbye. Forever. All of you.

You all have a special place in my heart.


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