Look, I am dying to say something. And I am sick and tired of not. You all think I love drama? Well I don't. And I want it to STOP. It is breaking us apart more and more. We all came here for a reason: to edit and make freinds. Not to expect this Wiki to be a 24 hour wrestling ring. I know I was involved in drama ALOT. I stopped and I mean I STOPPED. Here is some of the drama that has happened.

Z Vs. Perry

Z Vs. Fabian

Everyone Vs. Fabian

Perry Vs. Fabian

Z Vs. Rach

Perry Vs. Matt

Well guess what guys. I am NOT LISTENING TO IT ANYMORE. I am done with bugging Rach "I WANNA BE AN ADMIN WAAAA." Why can't we all just be happy and accept our places here. Rach please consider making a new rule that:


I am done with it. I can't take it and I just wish it will stop because heads up y'all I have stopped. So Sibuna stop your whining about this. Rach hold your horses and Perry hold the insults. Just freeze and STOP. PLEASE. Look what it is doing to us? Okay so just...please....quit it.

Words to users:

Rachel: An amazing founder, sorry for putting you through the drama that we caused, don't worry it WILL stop.

Perry: Please, lets just end this between me and you, for good. Please?

Matt: Thank you for sticking by my side and I apologize for everything.

That's it. That is truly my last blog (about drama at least), HOLD YOUR WEAPONS DOWN AND SHUT UP AND BE HAPPY. AND PLEASE FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME:

STOP THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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