Matt. Read this. You WONT listen to me on chat so I might as well do it here.

For those of you who dont know what happened, read this part

Long story. I know but you should read it.

Heres what happened: Someone from Adventure Time came into Victorious chat and said Matt was trolling on their Wiki. He said Matt is creepy and should be banned. I was curious to figure out what the deal was with this, so I PMed Matt, asking about it. He said he trolled with people on his Wiki (a Wiki he refused to mention). I wanted to know what Wiki would force Matt to troll on a Wiki. He wouldnt tell me. I begged, but he said they didnt want me (in general) to know about it.

I got susipicious of course. I mean, Im sure you guys would be. I told a few of my friends, and then tried to help me figure out the Wiki. No luck. I begged Matt for it. It was tough, he wouldnt budge. It was very very frusturating because I didnt know why he wouldnt tell me just cause THEY told him not to tell me. Matt blocked my PMs which ANGRED the hell out of me. I mean, is it approrpriate to do that? I think NOT. I didnt know what to do, I felt like a horrible friend that Matt wouldnt tell me.

I found more information, apparently Rowan said on Warriors Wiki that they had a chat invasion of Victorious users. As seen here. I looked at the users that did that and I tried my best to figure out the secret Wiki. No luck. Well, sure as damn I was confused. I really wanted to help Matt, but this wasnt working. I begged Matt, much more...he deined everything. Nothing was working.

Flamez and I tried to go on google and find the Wiki. No luck. Oh how pissed I was. I wanted to know. I am Matts FRIEND I have the damn right to know.

Today. Is the day I regret so deeply. This day is when things went DOWN. :/ I needed to know. It was so important that I did. I faked and told Matt that Rowan wanted to have a secret conversation with him so I could figure it out. Rowan refused to give me the link so I asked Lovah too, and sure enough she found it.

I went into the secret Wiki chat and told Matt I busted him. I looked at the users. They were RP Club Wiki members (COPPA vilolaters and complete jerks and trolls NOT MOST OF THEM ARE THOUGH). I was shocked. What else I found funny was that MATT was THE FOUNDER of the Wiki, and this took me off guard. He was telling as these RP Clubbers his Wiki but not HIS GOOD FRIENDS? Sure as hell, YES I was pissed. I yelled at Matt, of course (like he always does) just ingored me. And then he said it: This Wiki isnt the real Wiki, I knew you told Rowan and Lovah to make me give the link, so I linked THIS wiki, instead.


Total silence.

I blew up. It wasnt fair that he was now LYING to us AGAIN. I was pissed, Matt and I got into a HEATED arguement and it was totally not to pertty. Then Matt told all the people on the chat to go to the other Wiki chat, and then he said go to the third Wiki chat. SO NOW...there is ANOTHER secret Wiki...POSSIBLY ANOTHER TWO...and Im not invited...he goes behind my back with all these people, and just leaves Lovah, Rowan, and all his other friends...spitting in the wind. It was sad. Very sad moment.

I tried to talk to Matt, typed up a huge paragraph. No response. He was busy on the other Wiki. In real life...sitting at my computer...I broke down and eyes out. THIS wasnt that Matt that I knew. This wasnt Sibunasenkhara. :( It all came back to me, everything Matt and have been through together.

I knew our friendship was over at that point, so I left the chat.

And left the whole internet, and went to my room and just stared into space.

And now here I am, back...typing this.

You understand now? Well good.

Matt, read this...if you dont...then I give up

Who are you? Who are you? What happened to goofy, funny, silly, random, calm, friendly Sibunasenkhara that I knew. Matt, if youre gonna turn on the friends that brought you the journey of maturity, over some other people who you just met...then how could you?

I always look back on the times that you and I had together...Perry and Rach attacking us...and us sticking together. Those were the true times.

What happened to you, Matt? Youre not friendly, youre just a liar now...keeping secrets from your closest friends the whole time. It makes me cry.

You made me cry. Everything you did. How could you ever do it to me? You ruined this friendship. All you had to do was just let me know what the Wiki was.

Im sorry. Alright? It isnt approppriate of me to continuously wonder what the Wiki is...and starting drama and attcking you like that was uncalled for, I admit.

Its over I guess now.

Thanks for all the times and hope you gave me.

Goodbye, Matt.

And thanks for reading, guys.

Z Message Wall 03:55, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

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