Ok, long title, yes? Yes. Anyways...time for yet another one of mai famous...Z BLOGS.

Now, there are alot of updates regarding AN that you should know. Most of it is about the advice and articles I do. So yeah. Pay attention and don't skim through this blog.

August Awards: What happened?

I can't really answer that question. Lots of drama happened after the July awards, that probably caused the downfall of the AN awards. Perry disappeared and he was actually planning the August awards but we never got word from him. And besides, his account is disabled anyway.

Matt was supposed to do them with Flamez, but it's too late anyway to plan those so all I can say is Idk what happened. Honestly, there should be no September awards because, we could do awards for September after we move to the new Wiki. So yeah xD And besides, Matt and Flamez honestly wouldn't be too bad of hosts, so we'll just have to wait and see!

Bullying Advice Update

No one has been getting advice so, I am thinking with the other admins we should shut down the advice columns, honestly. Anyways people...I will be shutting down the bullying advice page, as I have gotten not much advice and the Wiki is pretty much dead anyways.

Goodybe AN Week

Not sure about you guys, but I will be migrating to the new Wiki Rach created that is very similar to this one but is a tad bit easier and more fun! I will be migrating on Sunday and fully leaving AN...and I'm sure most other people have the same plans, so I will be doing an exculsive all-week Sunday article making a huge dedication and goodbye to Anubis News Wiki, and refelcting on all the times we had and getting fun games and interviews in. Heads up! I will be posting our first part of the article this evening!

I also fully encourage the other article writers to do this, and wrap up their aritcles...unless they're still staying here.

What was it like when Perry came back? Why did he disable his account?

To be honest, I don't know why Perry disabled his account. I don't know if it was cause he was done with Wikia or maybe he just didn't want to be around Wikians...but I'm not too sure. What happened was after the July awards Rowan and Perry got into a massive fight, and I ended up giving Perry a ban from chat, and I never heard from him again.

He did return, though...on one day..he came into Victorious chat, we asked him to come to AN chat...he came...and Matt started bugging and whining to him about how why Perry blocked him on twitter (facepalm). And Perry was kinda...quiet to be honest. He wasn't what I expected him to be. He was real quiet...and calm...and just...not Perry.

Watching him just disable his account and dropping all the times he had with us was very very heartbreaking...but it's his decison, not ours.

The Future of Anubis News

Sadly, since we're moving to the new Wiki, this Wiki will become hopelessly dead. All our memories on here will be left behind. I refuse to shut down this Wiki, so Rach...please don't.

This is why I am doing a Goodbye AN week, so if you want a proper reflect and goodbye for the Wiki, read my Sunday article...and be sure to join in with your aritcle too!

But honestly guys...there's not much time last week? Together? We should do that

And thank you for reading, I had to get all that off my chest eventually xD

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