• Z!

    I Just Can't...

    December 16, 2012 by Z!

    Who thought that I would create another blog?  Like, really.

    Okay, let's make stuff clear.  This Wiki is probably never gonna be revived.  Kim is gone, Perry is just...I cry everytime that I think it was my fault he left and I could've done SOMETHING to make him stay.  SOMETHING.  But I didn't.

    Flamez is god knows where. :'(

    I just, guys I can't anymore.  I'm crying.  I miss this Wiki SO SO MUCH.  SO MUCH. And now we are all just distant. If that's how it's gonna be, then that's it.

    Remember when...the April awards?  We were all here?  Having a great time?

    Then when Perry disbabled, so did the Wiki.  It's all over.

    Just over.

    And there is nothing I can do at this point :'(

    So Anubis News, goodbye.  And thank you.

    Without you guys, I'd just be a troll…

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  • Z!

    Final Blog

    October 1, 2012 by Z!

    I gotta alot of stuff to say. So I will do it as fast as possible.

    I beg you not to skim this blog, as it is very very important.

    His account has been globally blocked, not disabled though. He is underaged, and I reported him for that. He revealed that he was 11 on another Wiki, and he did alot of rude stuff on Twitter. Kim, I beg you to take away his administrator rights.

    I am officially sending an email to Wikia to shut down Anubis News. We had so many amazing memories here, but it has to come to an end. I realize that you guys really love it here, but keeping a dead, and just plain out shriveled up Wiki full of happy memories is just devestating. I have to do this. And who am I even talking to? Kim? Lovah? Mabye Rowan? Everyone i…

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  • Z!

    Ok, long title, yes? Yes. Anyways...time for yet another one of mai famous...Z BLOGS.

    Now, there are alot of updates regarding AN that you should know. Most of it is about the advice and articles I do. So yeah. Pay attention and don't skim through this blog.

    I can't really answer that question. Lots of drama happened after the July awards, that probably caused the downfall of the AN awards. Perry disappeared and he was actually planning the August awards but we never got word from him. And besides, his account is disabled anyway.

    Matt was supposed to do them with Flamez, but it's too late anyway to plan those so all I can say is Idk what happened. Honestly, there should be no September awards because, we could do awards for September after we…

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  • Z!

    A Message to Matt

    August 22, 2012 by Z!

    Matt. Read this. You WONT listen to me on chat so I might as well do it here.

    Long story. I know but you should read it.

    Heres what happened: Someone from Adventure Time came into Victorious chat and said Matt was trolling on their Wiki. He said Matt is creepy and should be banned. I was curious to figure out what the deal was with this, so I PMed Matt, asking about it. He said he trolled with people on his Wiki (a Wiki he refused to mention). I wanted to know what Wiki would force Matt to troll on a Wiki. He wouldnt tell me. I begged, but he said they didnt want me (in general) to know about it.

    I got susipicious of course. I mean, Im sure you guys would be. I told a few of my friends, and then tried to help me figure out the Wiki. No luck. …

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  • Z!

    Leaving for a while

    August 15, 2012 by Z!

    Ok guys. This is the day sadly :(

    I am leaving. It is unfortunatly true.

    Here are the reasons.

    1. The Wiki is dead, so there's no point in sticking around anymore.
    2. I am so busy with other Wiki's I can't work on this one anymore.
    3. I honestly am sick of the drama, and it seems no one is interested in doing anything on here anymore.

    I just wanna say a huge thanks to everyone here, for making this Wiki the way it was. Since I first joined, was so much fun growing so close with all of you. We did have our share of drama, but it honestly just made us closer. Unfortunatley, Rowan left, Perry disabled his account, Stephanie got blocked, Blimey is no where to be seen, and Fabian checked out (yay).

    All good things come to an end, and it's a time…

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