Congrats Matt! I hope you got what you wanted. You get to be admin and I'm leaving.

I'm thinking about seriously leaving. This attacking has gone way out of hand. You all make me feel as if you all hate me. Everyone is ganging up on me and threatning me and stuff like that. What I hate most is that Matt posts all these GIFs that says that he wants to die and what not and the way he posted a blog JUST to make me feel bad is childish and NOT admin material. How do you think this makes me feel? You guys aren't the only ones with feelings you know. I thought Matt understood my side of the story, but I guess not. Matt, today you were practicly forcing me to make you admin. Don't force me into this subject. I told you my reasons yet you asked again. You know the GIF where you said "I want to crawl into a hole and die"? Well, that's exactly my feelings right now. I might not leave, which has a high possibilty, but I probably will, because of the attacking.

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