Over the years, Anubis News has grown into an outstanding wikia with the help of the users and the admins. You guys were wonderful and even though we had our ups and downs, we still managed and created a great wikia. I was privilged to work with you guys and this is my new proposal. Since Anubis News started, we gained members and created more areas to add the the wikia; games, contests, stories and more. Now, it wasn't only about news and blogs, it was more and this is why I was thinking about restarting AN. AN is still messy like a black-hole. I've decided to start something new; HAFU. We'll still have the old template, but its better, because it isn't only focused on news. We get to expand our horizens and create something new from comic strips to funny ads, something we've never done on Anubis News. We will still keep our friendly staff and I hope our members will join us in our new wikia. I'll put up a link soon.

Thank you for all your support,


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