Let's get somethings cleared up. I'm not on either sides of the argument. I'm just trying to solve it and get it over with. First of all, I'm totally sick of this whole stupid argument. I bet most of the members and admins can agree with this. The way everyone talked out of hand is so disrespectful to me that I feel like I'm in a playpen with five year olds. I know this seems harsh and I'm acting like a bitch, but I bet most of you agree with me. I have decided to promote Perry as an admin, because he has much experience with the House of Anubis wikia. I didn't promote him as a admin, because I'm on his side, so don't come crying to me. Anyways, when I was talking, people told me to stop (I'm not naming names) and this is rude. If we were in a real court, no one tells the judge when to start or stop talking. Z, I bet your on your computer thinking "This is so for Perry", wrong. This is for both sides of the party. When I say you can talk, you can talk. When I say you can't, you can't. You can ask permission to talk, but you will not talk when not allowed. This rule will make the argument so much easier to control and smoother. I know your probably thinking "What a bitch!" but this is all for the sake of the wikia and it's reputation. I bet pretty much half of the admins agree with me on that point of level, so please, drop the argument. I'm not on any side of the argument and I repeat, I'm not on any sides! I'm here to help solve the problem and to drop the end to it. If both parties want to challenge this case again, you may consult me.

Matt, I have no disrespect for you. I have not promised to make you an admin after the argument, in which I demoted you. You're probably wondering why I demoted you. That's easy to answer, you disrespected me. Have you noticed that not once did you or Z Guy apologized for giving me a head-ache for trying to solve this problem and calling me and the other admins names. We are still friends, actually good friends. You were the first member here and I appreciate that. You have helped this wikia grow, so I thank you for that. There is one thing I don't like, you and Z creating another wikia. This really hurt me. I felt like you betrayed me in some sort of shape, way and form. Yes, this is all blab, but I do have my points. I will and I promise, that I will make you admin in good time.

Z Guy, I do have disrespect for you. The way you cursed out at the other members and admins is wrong and immature. Yes, Perry did get a little bit out of hand, but he did keep out the bad language, unlike you. I know you are trying to help out Matt, but the way you did it also makes it worse. I also hate how you think no one at this wikia cares for you except for Matt. That's false. I care about all of the members at this wikia. You might think this is bullsh*t and that no one cares, but some people do, including me. Don't think of yourself as a useless human being. Everyone has something special in them and everyone has someone that cares for them. Meanings aside, I do have a problem with your cheekiness and your rudeness. You might be sticking up for Matt, but it is still wrong to lash out on Perry and I. You never cared one bit about the other's feelings. I hate your cheekiness. Saying that you will sue me for pretending I'm a judge. Keyword, pretending. I've never said this was a real court. I said, and I repeat a "Virtual Court". Also, stating that me and the other members were crazy was rude. Also, threatening to create another wikia is rude and disrespectful to both me and the wikia. I bet you didn't even stop to think, "Can I hurt Rachel this way?" I may be hiding behind a screen, but I do have feelings and I want you to acknowledge that. Another thing I hate is how you always bring this argument up. I've told you a million times, that I will make Matt a admin, but all in good time. I first have to do some research and talk to the other admins. If you do apologize to both me, the admins and the other members of this wiki, I will put this all aside.

Amx, I truly thank you for all you done as an admin to this wikia. I'm sorry for causing you a head-ache and I promise that we will not have this argument again.

To the other members that were bragged into this conversation and argument, I truly apologize for all the time wasted and ruined. This wikia isn't usually like this. This is truly abnormal and I insist this will never happen again. We hope you enjoy this wikia as much as me, the admins and the others do and once again, I truly apologize.

Now for the rules,

  1. I don't care what your mad at, who your mad at or why. The rule has always been the same. You can't curse or say foul words.
  2. You cannot ban another member from chat or the wikia without consulting me. I need to keep track of everything.
  3. The talking out of hand has to stop. No one listens to me when I ask. If this whole talking out of hand fiasco hasn't started, maybe the argument would have been smoother and easier.
  4. I cannot repeat this over and over again. Do not lash out at the members of the wikia.
  5. The only people who can give strikes are the chat moderators and admins. If any of the chat moderators or admins make another member a chat mod without consulting me, they are abusing their power and will be demoted.
  6. No one will ever bring this argument up again. I will speak to each member privately and settle down this argument. If anyone ever brings this up again, they will get banned.

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