I know all of you read the blog that Z wrote. What Fabian said was unexceptable. I don't care if he picks on me and calls me annoying or what not, but making fun of my closet wikia friends is not tolerable. Kim is not some over-aged man. Both Matt and Perry are nice. One thing that pisses me off the most is him calling the wikia a DUMP. I just want to go in his face and say "Your the DUMP!", but I won't. My wikia is better than "House of Anubis by Bryce". Me, Matt and Kim basically created that wikia. He didn't do anything, but that's beside the point. Fabian, if you ever come back on, do not think that you are welcome anymore. I will not take away your ban and by my power of the founder, you are forever banned and shunned. Goodbye!

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