Ok, I am sick of it. I am being mistreated on this Wikia. It is only by one person, and that person is... Z! He basically owns my life. He tells me what to do. If I even type one letter, I get into trouble by him. I am sick of it. I am leaving this Wikia till Friday. If Z continues making me feel worthless, I shall leave even longer. And if he KEEPS doing it, I shall leave. Oh and Z, a special message to you: Watch what you do and say on this Wikia, it would be great to add on the bullying advice!

Perry16370. 4.29.2012 - 5.4.2012.


I changed my mind. I am leaving this Wikia unless Z's admin rights are taken away. He will be fighting with me and I will be the one getting banned. ON THE 13TH OF MAY, I SHALL BE LEAVING IF Z IS STILL AN ADMIN.

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