This is a quick story about how I got into Anubis News. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Discovering Anubis News.

I was talking to SunriseDaisy about a House of Anubis Wiki newspaper. "So for issue 1 we should do the polls first" I explained. Rachelrabbit1998 came into chat in a sad fashion.

"Please don't do your newspaper! It is copying from my Wiki!" Rachel sobbed. Me and Sunrise said nothing. It was so quiet you could even hear a pin drop...

"Perry, please join my Wiki!" Rachel cried. I replied with "...". A link popped up. I clicked on it and an empty Wiki came up.

"Oh please, I can't say no to Rachel. It will make her sad" I thought. I looked at the navigation bar. "Monday news, Tuesday news..." I whispered in my head.

"Look Rachel", I replied, "I am not joining your Wiki. I am doing the newspaper on this Wiki and that is final".

"Bu-but! Leave me alone!" Rachel screeched. Rachel left the chat angrily. "Well", Sunrise said, "so we are doing the polls first".

While Sunrise was planning the newspaper, I was sitting there thinking what to do.

Chapter 2: Joining The Crazy Chat.

I clicked on the link Rachel posted. I was going to check out the Wiki again. I roamed around the Wiki. The chat had a few people in it. I clicked on the chat button.

Rachel, Matt, Z and Kim were in the room chatting. Z was chatting about how his life was awful. "Umm... hi?" I said.

"Hi Perry! Did you make up your mind about the newspaper?" Rachel asked. "No" I replied. "I think Matt is Z" I told Rachel in PM.

"Same" she replied. Z left the chat. "Matt, you are Z!" I screamed. Matt was confused. "What?! No!!!" Matt replied.

*1 hour later*

"Ok, we are all friends again" Rachel declared. Every one was friendss again after a war.

*2 weeks later*

"This isn't going to work out, Sunrise" I said. "Fine, the newspaper is cancelled" Sunrise replied. I went to Anubis News.

I went to the job page. I typed up a comment. I hovered my arrow over the "post comment" button. I closed my eyes and thought for a second.

"Is this worth it? Should I join this Wiki?" I thought. I stopped thinking and clicked the button. The comment said: "I would like to apply for the Saturday Article".

So that is how I joined the Wiki. Leave comments below!

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