Ok, here is the OFFICIAL list of presenters.

Sibunasenkhara: Favourite Episode, Nicest Admin. Amx1998: Favourite User, Favourite Newcomer. KimberlyNF: Favourite Cast Member, Nicest. User Blimey8: Favourite Admin, Favourite Article Day. Rachelrabbit1999: Favourite Friendship, Favourite Villian. Perry16370: Most Hardworking User/Admin. Z!: Favourite Character, Favourite Couple.

Tickets go on sale NOW for the awards. If you don't get a ticket, you can't go. That counts to ALL admins too. Contact me on my message wall for tickets. When you get your tickets, you will be notified the date and time soon after as we have not confirmed the date and time yet. Get your tickets... NOW!!!!

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