Maybe some of you have noticed that I haven't been in the chat or have been editing, recently. Don't think that I have given up on the wiki, because I haven't. Please let me explain myself..


My lovely father has decided that I spend too much of my time on the computer, so he has taken it away for my own good. Yeah, that was sarcasm. I may be back by the end of May or the beginning of June. Sometime along those dates. I am sorry that I am unable to contribute and terribly sorry that I cannot write my Tuesday articles. So please excuse my prolonged absense, for there is not much I can do about it. I may get on at random moments, but not for a long amount of time. Talk to you all in June!

Words to the Users

Rachel- I am terribly sorry about this. I wish I could contribute more, and so sorry I have missed my Tuesday articles as well. By all means, if you wish, you can replace me for the temporary time that I will be gone. Same goes for my friendship advice! I really miss you, and I hope you're doing great.

Matt- Nice new username! Well, you are my closest friend in these communites that we belong to, and well there's not much to tell you. Hope you can handle whatever drama may come along on your own. And a BIG congratulations for your new adminship on the BTR wiki! I miss chatting with you as well.

Perry- You are such a great friend! Just remember, that I will always have your back with whatever comes along. I am so proud that there hasn't been any big fights, well any that I know of atleast. Just keep up the GREAT work! Miss you, slimeball!

Z- You can take over my Friendship Advice temporarily, go ahead. I miss you, Z! I am really proud that you are keeping your temper under control! Keep it up!

Steph- I miss chatting with you! Talk to you in June!

Bryce- I don't know if you will see this, but I am sorry that I haven't been contributing at all in your wiki. I will be up and running by mid-June so please forgive me. I miss you!

Name Change

I have just decided to change my username from KimberlyNF to KimberlyAmaya, so look out for that one!

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