As much as I'm going to hate to do this, I will be leaving.

Not in a month, not in a week, right now.

I'm done with all of this, there are always so many fights, I hate that it had to come down to this.

But, oh well. Oh, and I know everyone who leaves, always has a wiki to go to. Well, I don't. But, I will be on the House of Anubis by Bryce once or twice a week, and Music by Bryce. That's it. This was the only community I knew, and the only one I felt welcome in. I dunno if anybody cares about my leaving, so if you don't then don't even bother leaving any rude comments. Matt and Rachel left, so what do I have left? Perry? That's it. Z is my friend, but we don't always see eye to eye, so goodbye to everyone else.

Perry- You truly are an amazing person, you're funny, sweet, and I love talking to you. I think you may have been my closest friend, let me know which wikis you are on other than this one, I really don't want to lose contact. Sorry about the awards, pal. Oh, and I loved that one day where we went on our own trip on that painting thing. I hope I can continue talking to you regularly, like before. I'll miss you, Perry~

WCD- I had just met you awhile back, you seemed like a really great person, I know you'll be on these other wikis so I just hope we become great friends.

Z- Goodness, Z. I have ALWAYS cared about you, ever since the first time we met and you were feeling a bit down. I really wish we didn't have so many problems, because you are such a great person. I am so terribly sorry about the awards, I could have always tried harder. But I really couldn't. Please forgive me, and I know you are considering leaving, just if you do, then there will be no more wiki. I'll probably change my mind about leaving, but as of now I am set on just leaving and not coming back. This wiki tore everyone apart, and we all know it. I'll miss you, Z.

Rachel and Matt- I know you guys left, but if you do read this..Well I'll see you around on other wikis, love you guys.

Steph- I always enjoyed talking to you, lemme know what other wikis you will be on.

Everyone else- I'll miss you, bye,

I don't want to change my mind guys, I give in too easily, so please don't try :c


I really loved my time here, goodbye.

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