HAFU isn't going to be successful, right?

Anubis News is dead. No one is coming back anytime soon.

This hurts. Bad. I used to really love this community.

But our family grew apart. And it sucks.


And tell anyone who is mentioned in here to read this too.

Z- At first we never really got along, but towards the end I realized you were a great person. I should have realized sooner, and I'm sorry for all those times I may have gone against you. You're just great, Z. And I know you've been through so much, and it just amazes me how strong you are. I look up to you, sometimes. I figure if you could stay strong through anything that may come your way, then why can't I do the same? I realized that there isn't much left for me on wikia, for the meanwhile. So if you ever want to talk, just tweet me. You're one of my best friends on wikia, Z and i love you. (aaf)

Matt- Remember all those times that Z and Perry would argue, and we would spend countless minutes on PM trying to figure out a solution? Those were the days. I really enjoyed getting close to you, and just talking to you all chill. You really were a good friend, Matt. Through this wikias history, I constantly hoped that Rach would change her mind about you, and promote you to admin. It took her awhile, but it finally happened. I was overjoyed when it did happen! Well, there's not much to say, just see you around. I'll miss PMing you, on a daily basis. You were also one of my best friends here. Love you, man.

Perry- Oh, I could get emotional on this one. We used to be close, and I loved our little friendship that we had. But you disappeared, and I waited for the day that you came back. But you never did. I miss you, buddy. I really do:( If you do someday come back, PLEASE contact me, on here or on twitter. Just let me know how you're doing. I miss you, and I love you.

Well, I'm just saying I love you too much. Oh, you guys are like my online family, of course I love you!

Rach- Ohmygosh Rach, I remember when we were like just the two girls among all these guys fighting. I found it pretty cool, how you and I were all close and such. I miss you, Rach, and I love how close we used to be. I hope you're doing well with school and such.

Rowan and Flamez- I know we talked a few times, but I never really did get close to you two. But I did know that you two were great people, sorry we couldn't be closer. I miss you guys as well.

And all those others, that ended up being bad people, like Bryce and Steph.

I really enjoyed when we were friends. I guess I miss the people that you all were pretending to be.

Will- I think that was your name.. You were pretty cool.

LOL, umm Amx is long gone. But I liked her sense of humor and such.

ANYONE ELSE. You guys are great.

This wikia was my family, and it pains me to see that it is just sitting here untouched.

I may come around when season 3 starts.

If not, find me on twitter guys.

Just ask me for it.

Yes, I am tearing up. Shutup. <3

I will always remember Anubis News, as a place I spent most of my afternoons, with Z and Perry's constant bickerings, to Matt and I's trying to solve every little problem. From when trolls would come, and we would stick up for each other, to when we had those award shows and such. I miss those days. I love you guys. You will always remain in my memory. I guess this is just a goodbye to Anubis News.

Goodbye, AN, I love you.


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