Just To Clear Things Up

I have been on the chat a couple of times recently, but I still won't be able to stick around long enough to edit articles or anything else along those lines.

Please, I will be back to make up for my absence in June, but for the mean time all I will do is be on chat and probably write a few blogs. (Such as this one)


I don't hate you, at all. In fact, you are one of my closest friends here! Well, everyone is.

But, I still know that I can trust you, and in all seriousness I would come to you for advice first (other than Matt).

So, please, stop saying all those comments, because I feel bad that you think I don't like you or something.

I do like you (as a friend), I don't hate you or dislike you in any way, I don't blame you for the drama in anyway, and I don't EVER pick sides. So don't go around thinking that I take Perry's side, because I don't. It's just that everyone is usually always against him, and he needs some backup and Perry is also a very close friend of mine, so I'm just there to help him out. Congrats on the admin position.

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