Hey fellow HOA fans,

So,I bet you all have heard the sad news about Nathalia Ramos (actress for Nina Martin) not coming back. So,people have very mixed feelings about this,mostly bad. But I for one don't care! Sorry people, but I support the whole cast as much as her Nathalia>rest of cast.The rest of the cast are amazing! I know people think she was the perfect Nina and believe I liked her as Nina too but if someeone else had been picked for the part of Nina,you would think she was the perfect Nina. It's just what your used to. Also they can find someone else just as good to play her. So,I think everyone should be open minded! Because if no one watches the show it will be cancelled and this wiki will be pointless.Now,who's ready to support the whole cast and the new Nina Martin?Come on guys,we can do this!




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