Hello everyone on wiki! I have decided to leave all wikis forever! You may be asking why would I do this? I am doing this because I loved wiki when I started but when it started to turn into fights, calling each other names and what not it got boring and sometimes just pointless to come on. I am gping to say my goodbyes here! I just want to say some last words to the people I met and hung out with on wiki:

BatPeddieSeddieSibuna- When I met you, you were Sibunasenkhara. I am gonna miss you a lot. Keep up the good work with the codes and MediaWiki. Goodbye!

Z!- We had our ups and our downs but I will still miss you. Have Fun on the wiki. Goodbye.

Perry!- We havent talked for a long time but when we did talk I enjoyed it. Goodbye.

Kim- We dont talk much anymore :( But I will miss you . Keep up the good work on wiki! Goodbye!

Rachel- We never talked. After we had the fight we clashed. I will miss your wiki. Goodbye.

As for the rest of the people I have met on wiki, I will miss chatting and talking with you guys. Goodbye and have fun on the wiki while it lasts!

Goodbye Everyone.


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