Okay there has been TOO much drama lately. I came here because it was a place where Z! and Matt are always on. It was fun! Then I met Perry! and Rowan. :) Things were really good here and I decided it was a fun place to hang out. But there's one HUGE problem, all the drama! Here is a list of problems:

First, everyone gets WCD globally banned!

Later, a bully named Evanf comes and mocks my friend Z! in alot of ways. Z! fights back!

Then, everyone is reporting everyone to Wikia.

After that, Z! accedently almost get's his account disabled

He came back and Perry got mad at Z! because of it

Now, Rowan wants HER account disabled

Soon, Rach leaves the wiki for awhile

Seriously everyone, you really want this. STOP the drama!

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