I am taking a break from this wiki, along with Rachel. I will be on....other wikis. This break will be like Crazy101Wiki's break. idk when I'll be back. I will be going annon.


I chose to come back because Z and Perry made up. Later, when the awards were over, I told Bat Forever that they were mad at him for not coming. Z and Perry were being quite mean to Bat. I was standing up for Bat, and Z got mad at me. I told Z that I was dealing with too much (And I was), but Z didn't believe me. I said in a comment that I wouldv'e changed what I had done if I could, but Z was still mad at me. He was calling me names, and made me feel kinda bad. I decided that all the fights and drama.... it's just too much for me. Z, just forgive and forget. Right now.... I feel useless.

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