So…… since I banned Perry, Rachel demoted me. I mean no harm in this blog post to anyone. If you haven’t seen my recent blog post, Fighting_and_What_I_have_to_say_about_it,_since_it_seems_like_no_one_is_bothering_to_hear_what_I%27m_saying, read it now. No one’s even bothering to hear what I’m really saying, and I hope to make that clear now. I have asked to be admin, I brought a lot of users here, was one of the first users here, and I edited more than anyone. I do want to help this wiki! I want to solve problems here! And when I did, Rachel banned me. I’m sure many people agree that I should at least have some rights. I’d like to help, but I’m not sure if I can. I have no rights right now. Shocking, huh? Many people agree that I am a nice, fair person. I do understand that I forgot to tell Rachel that I banned Perry, and I told her that I understand that. Honestly, I just forgot about that rule! Perry was being rude to Z! And I had to do my job and ban Perry. Here are some changes I think we should make to the Anubis News staff:

  1. Myself-Admin, I do deserve it, but Rachel thinks I would break rules. (I have made it clear that I was doing my job, right?)
  2. Z!-Admin

Check this snippet from a chat:

  • Rachelrabbit1999 Anyways, I can't really help when you say "It's to late"

  • 4:36 Z! That's what makes me angry.

  • 4:36 Z! That's it.

  • 4:37 Rachelrabbit1999 I always ask you what should I do

  • 4:37 Rachelrabbit1999 and you say "It's to late"

  • 4:37 Rachelrabbit1999 then you tell me to do something about Perry

  • 4:37 Z! Wanna know what I want to be done?

  • 4:37 Rachelrabbit1999 When I think "Hey, isn't it to late?"


  • 4:37 Z! Do that

  • 4:37 Z! Happy?

  • 4:37 Sibunasenkhara *hides*


  • 4:37 Rachelrabbit1999 Z, I don't stick up to him

  • 4:37 Rachelrabbit1999 I'm not giving Sibuna his rights back

  • 4:37 Z! Why?

  • 4:38 Rachelrabbit1999 if it stars up fights

  • 4:38 Z! What did he do?

  • 4:38 Z! He did nothing.

  • 4:38 Rachelrabbit1999 I'm not giving Perry his rights either

  • 4:38 Z! He did his job.

  • 4:38 Rachelrabbit1999 I'm not giving you rights

  • 4:38 Z! Sibuna did his job.

  • 4:38 Z! You never wanted to...


  • 4:38 Z! And you never will...

  • 4:38 Z! I don't care.

  • 4:38 Rachelrabbit1999 ITS ONLY GOING TO BE ME, AMX AND KIM

  • 4:38 Z! Just ban me or Perry and things will be peaceful....

  • 4:38 Z! La La La

  • 4:38 Z! Not listening

  • 4:39 Z! BRB

The questions I have is:

Why do I feel unwanted and useless when I helped this wiki so much?


Why do I feel hated for doing my job?

Please, understand, I was only trying to do my job and I feel really sad right now cuz I helped this wiki so much, but I don't get any praise. Please comment. Apparently, Rachel hasn't paid much attention to this, because I still have no rights.

Who thinks I should have rights?!

The poll was created at 23:19 on April 14, 2012, and so far 7 people voted.

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