Hi. This blog is going to be how I feel about everything. First, I was bullied all my life. When I first came here, I felt...accepted. You all accepted me for me. :) Funny-gifs-harry-potter-23815270-500-400.gif Then Perry thought I was Z, and I felt insecure. :( Sadliam.gif Then me and Z became friends :) WHOA%21%21%21%21.gif Then the fighting stopped Tumblr_lp0j7pRohv1qd02ik_large.gif Then I was demoted :( Tumblr_lzjyc63FUY1qkoed4o1_250.gif . Then me and Z fought, and we stopped being friends. :( Then we became friends again :) Tumblr_m1wzh3OOQf1r2e1lj.gif Then Perry blocked me :( Tumblr_lz69wiR6eN1qhigth_large.gif Then I got unblocked :) Tumblr_ljfxgwCjlg1qzbzj8o1_500.gif Then Fabian chose Ladygagalover2434 :( Tumblr_lrnyedVmCL1r1w66qo2_250.gif Then Rach wouldn't promote me Tumblr_lz69wiR6eN1qhigth_large.gif Crawlanddie.gif . Everyone of the sad gifs represent times I felt hurt, and insecure. The happy gifs represent times I felt accepted. You see? Your actions affect me. Right now, I feel super hurt, insecure and betrayed. Right now, I'm listening to music to help me. Please promote me. I can't even find the words to pray. Hold onto me.

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