Hi! I just found out that I'm getting some severe storms and a flash flood watch. Because of this, I'll be on random times throughout the day, looking at the radar, or updating what I've gotten. That's my weather station, and if you wanna look at it, go ahead. I thought that I'd just let y'all know the reason I'm not gonna be on that much today. If I'm not on within a week, that means something happened to me. But, I will be updating what's happened. I'll be on random times today. Again, I'll be updating what's happened to me. I might be on in the afternoon, but definitly not in the morning today.

Update as of 12:00

Looks like the storms are almost through. I didn't go on the computer cuz it's by the window.

Update as of 1:00

The storms are over, but I'm gonna get SOME storms still tho.

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