aka Llama Human Who Wants To Be An Elephant

  • I live in Wikia
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is not liking green eggs and ham.
  • I am a Rebel Fairy Without Wings.
  • ArianatorBeingOkay&Ready

    So I'm back, with another blog. Btw this is Matt. We all said we'd come back once Season 3 started. You guys probably forgot about that. But here we are. I'm typing this during a reunion waiting for Kim to get back. We should start the wiki back up. I know a way to promote this wiki on, however, I don't have admin rights and apparently I have to have admin rights to do it. But I think we should start everything back up -- the newspapers, advice, everything.

    Here are the Newspaper stuff, in case you forgot:

    Monday-- Rachel

    Tuesday-- Kim

    Wednesday-- Open

    Thursday-- Logag

    Friday-- Amber99Hoa, but since she is inactive...anyone?

    Saturday-- Me

    Sunday-- Z

    I miss AN, how we'd always be on for hours talking and whatnot. If you guys can get Perry …

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