Ok Z, Perry, Rowan, and Matt. I read all your blogs and coments and the saturdays news, and it clearly seems that your not forgiving. So I would like to say something, I was out at a fishing party, having fun on a nice day here out in the country(we dont get those to often). My dad screams at me when Im on the computer on a nice day. Im a VERY active gurl, I love the outdoors!I just love nature and life! I love running around screaming like im 5 again with my 7 year old cousins. So thats my reason why I wasnt on. And I get it that your mad and upset, you guys are hurt, I get it. But you all have to realize that alot of us on this wiki have lifes that we wanna live! We dont wanna be on a computer all day on a GORGEOUS day! Im fine with you not accepting my appoligie, you dont have to cuz thats all up to you.

"Im sorry i wasnt at the awards."

I know you wont accept it, but i wanted to let u know that te users on here have lives they wanna live!

(and im not saying that you all dont have any lives, that was NOT AT ALL wat i was trying to say)

$*I <3 Alfie*$ 03:41, May 13, 2012 (UTC)Amber<3

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