Im so srry to evryone but I have to leave:(. Im trying to show my parents Im responsible so I could get another pet. I just wrote an article in Friday's News so check that out. I will miss ya all!!! I will be on no later than 2 weeks i pinky promise!!!

Rachel:"I havent seen ya in awhile but I hope I can when I come back!"

Kim:", I hope to c and chat wit u when i return!!"

Z!:"I will miss u!!! U can give someone else the reporting job for friday until I return."

Steph:"I havent talked to ya in awhile!!! So now it has to be longer!! I will miss ya!!

Perry:"I dont know if u r my friend but I consider u one, and I will miss ya"

I shall try to sneak on everyonce and awhile!! So I guess this is good-bye to all:(


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