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This Wiki has a policy and you must follow it. Not following the policy will lead to punishments. So please be aware of all the rules and make sure you follow them. Please be sure to read all the rules below before contributing to this wikia.

~Anubis News Staff

In Chat


  • Using all caps.
  • Using PG-13 rated laungage. The only curse word exceptions are "hell" or "damn" as they are PG-13 words.
  • Using netspeak such as "u" instead of "you" or "r" instead of "our/are".
  • Talking about something on another Wiki.
  • Role-playing.

Not Allowed

  • Using foul laungage that is NOT PG-13 or generally not acceptable.
  • Spamming/flooding chat, meaning continuously posting the same word or sentence or posting something very, very long.
  • Harrassing/bashing another user.
  • Posting inappropriate links or video links that have inappropriate content or laungage.

On the Wiki


  • Making new catogories
  • Disagreeing with another user
  • Replying to a message directed not towards you
  • Editing
  • Chatting
  • Leaving a message on a wall
  • Creating pages without permission
  • Requesting to become an admin/mod/b-crat

Not Allowed

  • Vandalism
  • Adding unneccessary categories to pages
  • Harssing/bashing another user in comments
  • Complaining about your ban
  • Creating unneccessary drama
  • Saying that you're leaving the Wiki and coming back


In Chat

  • All chat moderators are expected to know the rules and how punishments are given.
  • All the time, anything a user does that is against the chat policy will result in a verbal warning. If they do it again, they will receive a kick and they can come back into chat. If they do it the third time, they will receive a ban from chat for a certain amount of time depending on how severe the action is.
  • Any harassment will result in an immediate ban from chat. NO EXCEPTIONS! And they shall receive a one week block from the Wiki.
  • Any foul laungage will result in a kick and will then result in a ban on the second offense.

On the Wiki

  • Depending on how severe a person does stuff outside of chat, on the Wiki, an administrator should be aware of how long their block from the Wiki should be.

Staff Members MUST ALSO follow the rules

Administrators and Chat Moderators are expected to follow the rules.

Any admin or chat mod that does NOT follow the rules will be demoted of their rights. They MUST set an example to the other users.


All admins and chat mods MUST give users punishments after they break the rules! NO exceptions are permitted!

Any admins and chat mods that break the rules may get to keep their rights if they break the rules if another admin agrees to it!

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