I Need Help!Edit

If Rachel is not on, please contact either KimberlyAmaya or PenuginsLoveToSing. If Rachel is on, please feel free to talk to her. If no one is on, then leave a message on Rachel's Message Wall.


I Don't Know What the Rules Are!Edit

Not knowing what the rules are is a serious crime. These are the rules. If you have not looked at the rules, please take a glance at the rules, so you will not get a warning or get banned.

I Don't Know How to Edit my Profile!Edit

Not editing your profile is a serious crime. We need to know that you are not a fake. If you signed up for two days and you didn't edit your profile, you can be punished by deletion of membership. Click on your username and it will bring you to your profile page. Click edit and start editing!

I Want to Do a Daily News Page!Edit

Well, the only way to do a daily news page is to see if a page is open or see if a preson with a daily news page is willing to give up their may have that. You MUST confirm with Rach to have a page. So, that's the only way you can get one :-)

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