So...basically...the election is coming up...and then after that, it's almost July...and after that I return to Warriors Wiki...

So...there will be a problem...cause...I need to work REALLY hard on that Wiki so I might have to "leave" this Wiki for a few weeks...I SWEAR I will return after I am done all the making up and missed work on there. I SWEAR during that time...I might chat but editing is going to be very very limited.

I also wanna thank you all deeply for helping me realize the important of friendship and family...I couldn't have rode this adventure and learned SOOO much without you all :3


Just letting you know that...these will be my last few weeks on this Wiki until I might be a little bit more "inactive" than I usually am...

I love this Wiki and I promise, I will NEVER leave...but I might be inactive...

Thank you


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