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Welcome to the Daily News! Here you can find all sorts of interesting articles that were written by our very own users! Just hover your mouse over a day and you can find the current articles.

Article Writers

Monday Article- Rachelrabbit1999

Tuesday Article- KimberlyAmaya

Wednesday Article-

Thursday Article- Dance4Life

Friday Article- Amber99HOA

Saturday Article- BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

Sunday Article- Z!

Rules for owning articles

  • All article writers are permitted to do their article every week. If they are to miss their article for one week, they will recive a warning. If they miss it again, they will not be permitted to do their article anymore.
  • Plagiarism is not permitted. Copying anything from any other source will result in a warning. If it happens again, then it will result in demotion of article rights.
  • All article writers are permitted to move any pervious article into their old article page. Any writer that doesn't do that will recieve a warning. If it happens again, they will recieve a second warning. And the third time will lead into demotion of their article rights.
  • All artilce writers do NOT have to write articles about House of Anubis. They can be written about anything, as long as it's appropriate.
  • All article writers should follow the rules while writing their article. Breaking the rules will result in an immediate demotion of their article rights.

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