• Dance4life

    Wow. This place is dead. First of all, this is Z. Hello. I am using my sister's account so meh. Where to start. I have taken a huge hiatus from the internet and Wikia in general. I miss you all Perry, Matt, Kim, Rachel, and BlueFlamez and omg memories. I hope whatever or wherever you guys are it's somewhere amazing. K bye.

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  • KimberlyAmaya


    October 13, 2013 by KimberlyAmaya


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  • KimberlyAmaya

    2013 Update.

    April 6, 2013 by KimberlyAmaya

    Hi guys.

    Just decided to write type up this blog, because I'm home alone and with that I can get online and talk to strangers.

    That's why I don't come around too often. My dad would flip if he knew I spoke to people online.

    Anyway. How is everyone? .....well whoever everyone is..

    I do have constant chats with Matt and Z! on twitter from time to time, and that makes me extremely happy.

    But the rest of you...

    Well Rach..

    I miss you.

    And Perry will never in a million years ever read, but gosh do I miss him.

    Didn't even get a proper goodbye.

    Oh well, times change. People change.

    I miss this place.

    Sweet memories.

    I will never forget this wiki, mainly because whenever I got home from school.. I felt like if I had two obligations:

    Which were, do my homework, …

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  • ArianatorBeingOkay&Ready

    So I'm back, with another blog. Btw this is Matt. We all said we'd come back once Season 3 started. You guys probably forgot about that. But here we are. I'm typing this during a reunion waiting for Kim to get back. We should start the wiki back up. I know a way to promote this wiki on, however, I don't have admin rights and apparently I have to have admin rights to do it. But I think we should start everything back up -- the newspapers, advice, everything.

    Here are the Newspaper stuff, in case you forgot:

    Monday-- Rachel

    Tuesday-- Kim

    Wednesday-- Open

    Thursday-- Logag

    Friday-- Amber99Hoa, but since she is inactive...anyone?

    Saturday-- Me

    Sunday-- Z

    I miss AN, how we'd always be on for hours talking and whatnot. If you guys can get Perry …

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  • Z!

    I Just Can't...

    December 16, 2012 by Z!

    Who thought that I would create another blog?  Like, really.

    Okay, let's make stuff clear.  This Wiki is probably never gonna be revived.  Kim is gone, Perry is just...I cry everytime that I think it was my fault he left and I could've done SOMETHING to make him stay.  SOMETHING.  But I didn't.

    Flamez is god knows where. :'(

    I just, guys I can't anymore.  I'm crying.  I miss this Wiki SO SO MUCH.  SO MUCH. And now we are all just distant. If that's how it's gonna be, then that's it.

    Remember when...the April awards?  We were all here?  Having a great time?

    Then when Perry disbabled, so did the Wiki.  It's all over.

    Just over.

    And there is nothing I can do at this point :'(

    So Anubis News, goodbye.  And thank you.

    Without you guys, I'd just be a troll…

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  • Z!

    Final Blog

    October 1, 2012 by Z!

    I gotta alot of stuff to say. So I will do it as fast as possible.

    I beg you not to skim this blog, as it is very very important.

    His account has been globally blocked, not disabled though. He is underaged, and I reported him for that. He revealed that he was 11 on another Wiki, and he did alot of rude stuff on Twitter. Kim, I beg you to take away his administrator rights.

    I am officially sending an email to Wikia to shut down Anubis News. We had so many amazing memories here, but it has to come to an end. I realize that you guys really love it here, but keeping a dead, and just plain out shriveled up Wiki full of happy memories is just devestating. I have to do this. And who am I even talking to? Kim? Lovah? Mabye Rowan? Everyone i…

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    This Wiki

    September 18, 2012 by BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    So, this wiki is dead. I was reading Rowan and Kim's blogs, and I just wanted to burst down in sadness. I don't want this wiki to end, and niether of us do. We are all, like, the closest friends on Wikia. We all had our fights. But you guys were here, right here, from when I joined wikia, to now. I could count on you guys since ever! On Last Friday Night, that wiki is dead, but some of us are fine with it. This so much more than LFN. Thinking about this wiki being unthinkable. All of the times we have had...we cannot let this wiki die!

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    It's all over, isn't it?

    September 16, 2012 by KimberlyAmaya

    HAFU isn't going to be successful, right?

    Anubis News is dead. No one is coming back anytime soon.

    This hurts. Bad. I used to really love this community.

    But our family grew apart. And it sucks.


    And tell anyone who is mentioned in here to read this too.

    Z- At first we never really got along, but towards the end I realized you were a great person. I should have realized sooner, and I'm sorry for all those times I may have gone against you. You're just great, Z. And I know you've been through so much, and it just amazes me how strong you are. I look up to you, sometimes. I figure if you could stay strong through anything that may come your way, then why can't I do the same? I realized that there isn't much left for me on wikia, for the…

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  • Rowanflight

    Thanks, AN.

    September 16, 2012 by Rowanflight

    I love this wiki. I truely do. I am sad to see that it is inactive. I don't have much to say but here it goes...

    1. Perry - I miss you. I truely and sincerely do. If you see this, please talk to me. @Rowie_Leigh on twitter.
    2. Kim - Thanks for being there. You were awesome.
    3. Matt - We eded on bad terms but I'll always lvoe you as a friend
    4. Z - You are my best friend. Thanks for all the memories, good or bad. i love you man.
    5. AN Wiki - Thanks. For helping me find my friend, and making more. I'll miss you.

    Thanks, guys. 00:38, September 16, 2012 (UTC)

    For you guys:

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  • Dance4Life


    August 29, 2012 by Dance4Life

    Okay guys.....I have seen drama all through out the wiki. With Fabain leaving...With Matt lying...with Perry gone.

    This wiki used to be fun and I enjoyed it.

    Now when ever i check the wikia activaty its a drama comment. The drama has been here since the day I joined, and it has gotta stop.



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  • BlueFlamez

    Goodbye Anubis News

    August 29, 2012 by BlueFlamez

    So everyone’s gone from this wiki. I’m gone, Z!’s gone, Perry’s gone, Fabian’s gone. So I guess everyone’s gone. Well I’m gone to.



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  • Z!

    Ok, long title, yes? Yes. Anyways...time for yet another one of mai famous...Z BLOGS.

    Now, there are alot of updates regarding AN that you should know. Most of it is about the advice and articles I do. So yeah. Pay attention and don't skim through this blog.

    I can't really answer that question. Lots of drama happened after the July awards, that probably caused the downfall of the AN awards. Perry disappeared and he was actually planning the August awards but we never got word from him. And besides, his account is disabled anyway.

    Matt was supposed to do them with Flamez, but it's too late anyway to plan those so all I can say is Idk what happened. Honestly, there should be no September awards because, we could do awards for September after we…

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    So as most of you know from Z, if not, check it out immediately by clicking here.I do have a secret wiki. Funny thing, why I call it secret. Because it really and truly is a wiki with secrets about me, and a lot of other people. I will tell you on my own time...partly because I am not entirely sure I can tell you offense. Have you ever heard Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson? Well...if you have not, press play below.

    I think it applies to this situation. My parachute is the wiki. There....we can tell each other anything....ANYTHING. But there we feel like it really is us against the world. We don't just have to worry about you guys finding it.....which would be a huge problem for everyone...including say you are helping me b…

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  • TheLittleRabbit


    August 26, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    Home Page

    August 25, 2012 by KimberlyAmaya

    Recently, I discovered that I wasn't able to edit the homepage. I don't know if it's just my computer? Can anyone else edit it? If you can, please leave a comment.

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    I know this is out of nowhere, but just please read.

    I know I have been an administrator on this wikia for a very long time, I don't think I recall ever being demoted. And honestly, I love being admin for this wiki, I have made so many new friends here, and I like to make big decisions to help contribute to this community. But, I do have one problem with being administrator. When a problem arises, I can't see who the bad guy in the problem is. If I did, I would feel like if I'm going against the other person in the situation. So I can't do that. I can't block people, I can't ban anyone, I can't help resolve problems. So, please try to understand, that I can't help with those kind of situations.

    Just letting you all know, right now, th…

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  • TheLittleRabbit


    August 23, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    Over the years, Anubis News has grown into an outstanding wikia with the help of the users and the admins. You guys were wonderful and even though we had our ups and downs, we still managed and created a great wikia. I was privilged to work with you guys and this is my new proposal. Since Anubis News started, we gained members and created more areas to add the the wikia; games, contests, stories and more. Now, it wasn't only about news and blogs, it was more and this is why I was thinking about restarting AN. AN is still messy like a black-hole. I've decided to start something new; HAFU. We'll still have the old template, but its better, because it isn't only focused on news. We get to expand our horizens and create something new from comi…

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  • Z!

    A Message to Matt

    August 22, 2012 by Z!

    Matt. Read this. You WONT listen to me on chat so I might as well do it here.

    Long story. I know but you should read it.

    Heres what happened: Someone from Adventure Time came into Victorious chat and said Matt was trolling on their Wiki. He said Matt is creepy and should be banned. I was curious to figure out what the deal was with this, so I PMed Matt, asking about it. He said he trolled with people on his Wiki (a Wiki he refused to mention). I wanted to know what Wiki would force Matt to troll on a Wiki. He wouldnt tell me. I begged, but he said they didnt want me (in general) to know about it.

    I got susipicious of course. I mean, Im sure you guys would be. I told a few of my friends, and then tried to help me figure out the Wiki. No luck. …

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  • Z!

    Leaving for a while

    August 15, 2012 by Z!

    Ok guys. This is the day sadly :(

    I am leaving. It is unfortunatly true.

    Here are the reasons.

    1. The Wiki is dead, so there's no point in sticking around anymore.
    2. I am so busy with other Wiki's I can't work on this one anymore.
    3. I honestly am sick of the drama, and it seems no one is interested in doing anything on here anymore.

    I just wanna say a huge thanks to everyone here, for making this Wiki the way it was. Since I first joined, was so much fun growing so close with all of you. We did have our share of drama, but it honestly just made us closer. Unfortunatley, Rowan left, Perry disabled his account, Stephanie got blocked, Blimey is no where to be seen, and Fabian checked out (yay).

    All good things come to an end, and it's a time…

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  • TheLittleRabbit


    August 14, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    Well, during the summer I will try to work on designing the pages and thinking of new ideas for the welcome back and Anubis: Season 3 contests. I guess as a team (the admins) we should focus on the social networks. I never really used twitter or tumblr, so I'll have to learn from you guys. Keep up the good work. I just want to let you guys know, this is my final year and I really need to do good for my education, so I hope you guys know that I can't be on as much as I did last year (the beginning), but I will try as hard as I can to go on everyday!

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Okay, so this blog is regarding updates technical wise on this wiki. First, I have made it so every page on the navigation should auto-refresh. Contact me immediately if it does not have auto-refresh.

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  • Z!


    August 6, 2012 by Z!

    Perry's account is SHUT DOWN! Can you believe it? Well it's true.

    he came on chat today and told us he left cause he's sick of drama.

    And he's gone.


    After all those months of hard work and working with him as our AN family, he is out.

    And we'll never see him again.

    Perry (November 2011- August 2012)

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  • BlueFlamez

    Fabian the old Hobo

    August 6, 2012 by BlueFlamez

    Okay I hate poetry, alot! But since I hate Fabian to I made a poem of Fabian.

    Fabian, Fabian you underaged weirdo,

    You have an a IQ of zero

    Your 9 years old,

    Your hair turned to mold,

    How much times have you been told?

    "Your a hobo!!"

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  • TheLittleRabbit

    It Really Hurt

    August 6, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    I know all of you read the blog that Z wrote. What Fabian said was unexceptable. I don't care if he picks on me and calls me annoying or what not, but making fun of my closet wikia friends is not tolerable. Kim is not some over-aged man. Both Matt and Perry are nice. One thing that pisses me off the most is him calling the wikia a DUMP. I just want to go in his face and say "Your the DUMP!", but I won't. My wikia is better than "House of Anubis by Bryce". Me, Matt and Kim basically created that wikia. He didn't do anything, but that's beside the point. Fabian, if you ever come back on, do not think that you are welcome anymore. I will not take away your ban and by my power of the founder, you are forever banned and shunned. Goodbye!

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  • Z!

    Read this: The_Real_Story_behind_FabianBryce:_Why_he_left before you read this blog.


    So basically that was a huge blow-up for the Wiki. A huge one. Ok? Now just listen. Fabian told me this on chat one night...and this is what I did. I called him a jerk off and left the chat...and copy/pasted what he said into a word document...


    And what made me want to tell everyone what happened was because you were all saying "Oh I'll miss you Fabian you rocked!" I was the only one who said "Glad to see you're gone." When I saw Kim, Flamez...Lovah saying "Bye! I'll miss you." I was thinking, yeah...if only they knew the truth.

    Ok first of all, I'm not trying to insult any of you by making that blog, let's clear that up. I don't like to see e…

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    I'm all the hurt.

    August 4, 2012 by KimberlyAmaya

    If you all haven't read Z's latest blog, please do so now here.

    I am not some over-aged man, I'm pretty sure all of you know that but just to clear things up, I am not.

    You can even look me up on twitter, my username is @allthekimberly

    See the picture?

    I'm just a 15 year old girl, here to help out and to make friends.

    I just wanted to say something to Fabian, if he ever just comes on for a stupid reason.

    I always defended you. I always treated you right. I considered you a close friend of mine. I thought everyone just didn't understand you, but I did. I was never mean to you, and I have always been nothing but nice to you. I hope you never come back to wikia, because you are a horrible user who does nothing but cause drama. And I really hope kar…

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  • Z!

    We all know FabianBryce!, the user that gets under everyone's skin MOST OF THE TIME.

    Well I am going to do a brief history of Fabian and tell you many secrets you'll never guess. So let's begin, shall we? It all started when Fabian wanted to create a Wiki so that's what he did, obviously. Back in March, when he was a newb, he was stuck up, and very snobby towards many.

    We all could not stand it with him constantly insulting us. Then, one time he turned his back on Matt for one of his sockpuppet accounts. Matt clearly had been sucking up to Fabian for too long, and dumped him out and left his Wiki. Fabian never did anything for Matt, yet Matt did everything to Fabian and he betrays him. Now Fabian calls Matt a "friend".

    Perry and Fabian NEVER …

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  • Z!


    So I've been making alot of blogs...alot...and this is my last one. For a while.

    Tomorrow is the beginning of the August. And look how far we've come. Most Wiki's that are just created usually go dead after a month. But we haven't...well...not completley dead. But a little dead, so to speak.

    This Wiki has grown...I mean we all know that. Even though none of us do our articles (lol)...this is still Anubis News. Our home. All of our homes. We've all just...migrated to other Wiki's. But how could any of us forget anything that happened here? What happened in March...or April...or May. Those were the times.

    Our fun times.

    But it's coming to an end...and maybe we should all put this Wiki on hold...until...season 3 of House of Anubis. …

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  • Z!

    What Happenned?

    July 30, 2012 by Z!

    It is time for your fav blog write another one! :D

    To start things off, please read my latest blogs...please...they're very important.

    Anyways...this is a problem I've noticed.

    What happened to this Wiki?

    What are we now? We're just this dead website who is wasting their time editing for honestly no real purpose.

    Honestly, I liked the times when we all used to just hang on chat and idk...I never enjoyed the drama though. Although it did make things more...less boring...(not to say I enjoyed it or anything)...but it did...make me less bored.

    But idk...I liked the times when we were all a big happy family that couldn't seem to get along at all :D

    Those were the days.

    And now everyone is gone...mostly everyone just left.

    Those days are o…

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  • Z!

    Major Category Clean Up

    July 29, 2012 by Z!

    We all know this Wiki needs some hardcore work and expanding and all that. So I thought we should start off with a MAJOR category clean up... for example...we have way too many categories on each page.

    So here's what we should do:

    For expample...

    We don't need Advice and Anubis Advice as categories on pages...cause they're both kinda the same.

    Me and Kim will decide what categories we'll just delete completley if they're just useless.

    So on pages...try to clean up the categories or add more...

    Leave me a message if you are confused or are not sure about a category.

    Thanks for reading.


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  • FabianBryce!

    Hello everyone on wiki! I have decided to leave all wikis forever! You may be asking why would I do this? I am doing this because I loved wiki when I started but when it started to turn into fights, calling each other names and what not it got boring and sometimes just pointless to come on. I am gping to say my goodbyes here! I just want to say some last words to the people I met and hung out with on wiki:

    BatPeddieSeddieSibuna- When I met you, you were Sibunasenkhara. I am gonna miss you a lot. Keep up the good work with the codes and MediaWiki. Goodbye!

    Z!- We had our ups and our downs but I will still miss you. Have Fun on the wiki. Goodbye.

    Perry!- We havent talked for a long time but when we did talk I enjoyed it. Goodbye.

    Kim- We dont ta…

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  • Z!

    Did Perry leave?

    July 28, 2012 by Z!

    You know...ever since our huge arguement at the awards, I've wondered where Perry has been. Last I heard of him was him telling someone he wanted to sign up for a game. It's been a week and I'm worried. Because he promised he'd do the August awards on the 3rd (which probably isn't gonna work out). Idk.

    But if you're reading this Perry, you're still always welcome to return.

    Thanks for reading guys.

    I also have another VERY important blog coming up DON'T miss it.


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  • KimberlyAmaya


    July 27, 2012 by KimberlyAmaya

    Alright, you guys weren't in chat, and I was too lazy to go post on your message walls, so I decided to make a blog! Alright, the blogs aren't being written anymore, yet they are still assigned to various users. I say we should just restart the blogs and give the jobs to users who will actually work on them, what do you guys think?

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  • Z!

    My new siggie

    July 26, 2012 by Z!

    So I just made a new siggie and it's kinda boring but I luff it :3

    Z Message Wall 21:15, July 26, 2012 (UTC)

    What do y'all think?

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  • Z!

    Do you ever have that feeling that one of your closest friends is avoiding you and you just don't know why.

    That's how I'm feeling.


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  • Perry!

    Forget this blog. I'm able to make it.

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  • Z!

    Stepping Down

    July 21, 2012 by Z!

    Oh my gosh...guys...seriously I really do not like to do this...I KNOW I don't like to do this.

    But I'm doin' it :/ Sorry.

    I am resigning as an's been a great time helping out...but I unfortunatley am way too busy to monitor the Wiki Acitivity.

    Also...take my mod rights away too.

    Sorry guys...but...yeah.

    Also...I would like BlueFlamez to take my place as admin.

    Thank you,


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  • TheLittleRabbit

    Back! :)

    July 20, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    Hey everyone! I'm back! I'm going to try my best to spruce up the wikia a bit. If anyone wants to leave. Leave, but please come back if they annouce Season 3! :)

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  • Z!

    Heeeeyyy everyone. A few updates regarding our July Awards.

    So...first of all...they are TOMORROW...and here are our current times for everyone:

    Eastern Time Zone- 6 PM

    Central Time Zone- 5 PM

    Flamez- 3 PM

    Perry- Normal time that he always goes for the awards (sorry I don't read Ireland clocks xD)

    Voting is it is too late if you want a link to voting...

    I KNOW the page is not updated...and I WILL update it after the winners are announced.

    And one more thing, there will be a VERY BIG surprise before our your fingers :)


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  • KimberlyAmaya

    Please read my Tuesday Article this week and take a vote.

    Tell us if you are staying active or inactive these next few months!

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  • Dance4Life

    Leaving this wiki

    July 18, 2012 by Dance4Life

    Okay so I have been seeing the wikia activaty and the only edits are made by Z!. And mostly me, Fabain and Z do the articles. So I have decided since this wiki is so inactive that I am Leaveing this wiki. I will be here for the awards a I will do my article this week but after the awards i am gone...



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  • Z!

    Huge Question

    July 15, 2012 by Z!

    Hi everyone.

    This hugest blog.

    I'm asking you all something.

    Should we shut down this Wiki?


    Before you EXPLODE.

    Lemme explain to you why I wanna make this decision.

    For one thing, we NEVER get asked advice for ANYTHING...and another thing...NO ONE DOES THEIR ARTICLE...and even if they do...WHO READS IT? Oh...2 people? Wow.

    I'm done...why did I even waste my time making over 1,500 edits for a Wiki that does NOTHING.

    So yeah.

    That's my reasoning.

    If we're not even going to do anything...then what's the point of wasting our times here?

    Thank you,


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  • Z!

    Why I've been inactive

    July 15, 2012 by Z!

    Hi everyone. I have been inactive for alot of reasons.

    I apologize for that. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY busy.

    Lemme explain why I am inactive:

    1. Victorious Wiki

    I have been really busy on the Victorious Wiki with trying to earn badges. I am trying to become a rollback or chat mod on there so it's caused me to...sort of...migrate over to that Wiki. And...yeah.

    2. The Wiki is dead anyway

    Why should I waste my time coming on a Wiki with people that never bother to even do their articles or advice? I mean really.... No one, except Matt, is ever on chat. Why am I wasting my time on here?

    3. Personal life

    Tons of stuff has happened in my personal life...and I'm not telling you what...I'll tell you later.

    But anyway, it's caused me to be ina…

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. So this blog is about the Featured Picture on the home page! It can be fan-made. Admins will put possible nominees in this blog. It must be HoA related.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi, so I was at Colorado, and I come back, and everything's changed. Someone please fill me in! Thanks! :]

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  • Z!

    I'm DONE

    July 7, 2012 by Z!

    So...basically Kim and I want Rach demoted for pretty good reasons.

    1. She is never on...
    2. She is always inactive
    3. She never listens to any suggestions
    4. She doesn't help out any users
    5. She has bad taste in promotion of others
    6. She never edits anymore
    7. She doesn't do her article anymore (EVEN THOUGH YOU REALLY SHOULD)

    And let me go through the same things said...

    1. "Rach is our founder...she'll always be." Yeah...she will always be our founder. But she's not gonna be an admin...because she's not dong her job right.
    2. "She's the one who made you guys admins." that means she can just sit back and watch us waste our time helping our her Wiki? I don't think so.
    3. "She's on vacation...give her a break." From what I see, it's like she's always on vacation. …
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  • ZoidBender

    Im Back....Maybe

    July 7, 2012 by ZoidBender

    Yes, Yes, I've been on Wikia for the past day or so, And This is WCD. Under my new username. I will stay on Wikia under two conditions.

    1. Perry does not harass/bully Z.
    2. I am not suspected of being N. Foley (Which I am not)

    I just really want this Perry bullying Z thing to stop. And If they do fight, I have things to do on plenty of other Wikias.


    ZoidBender 12:35, July 7, 2012 (UTC)(wcd)

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  • Z!

    Too much staff members

    July 5, 2012 by Z!

    Something I've been noticing is that we have too many mods/admins.

    We really don't need FIVE admins. I think two admins should be demoted.

    I think the only admins should be me, Kim, and Matt.

    Perry and Rach don't take on their admin roles as much as they should.

    Imagine if Perry was demoted...there would be absolutley no difference. I'm sure Perry just wants to be admin cause he just wants to the title. He doesn't take on his role.

    I also realize that Rach is on vacation...but when she isn't on vacation...she's almost always inactive...and as an MUST be logged on...making sure everything goes well...instead of being logged out and checking through the activity...that's not a good admin job.

    Kim is very helpful and very listening twoa…

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  • Amber99HOA

    Z!!! I just want to say thanks and I get everything!! Thank you for all of your help!! You honestly deserve to be an admin!!! You always have, from like the start!! And I want to know how my Friday articles are doing, I know I can be a day or 2 late cuz sometimes Im not on cuz we arnt home. But again thanks for everything I owe you BIG-TIME!!!!

    *Wide Awake*Amber

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  • Amber99HOA

    Hey Z! this is the onky way I can contact you, I was wondering if I could become a chat mod? I read threw that thing and I really think I could do it! Just contact me back in the comments.

    ~~Thanks Z!

    *Wide Awake* 02:20, July 5, 2012 (UTC)Amber

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