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Check out our sister wikia, House of Anubis Roleplay. Create a character and see how it's like to be in Nina Martin's shoes. From forming your own club with your house to taking classes at the boarding school, you get to have a great experience!

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"Well, my Chosen One"
~Fabian to Nina
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Nina might play the innocent American, but not everyone in the house believes her. I mean, she did show up on the day Joy disappeared. Patricia is definitely be on the case and probably won't ease up until she gets to the bottom of this case!

Featured Couple
They both first met when Patricia and Joy were walking into the student lounge and Patricia trips over Eddie's feet as he naps on the couch. Patricia insults Eddie, causing them to trade insults and stereotypes at each other.
Facts of The Month
Brought to You by Fabian Rutter
  1. Most lipsticks contain fish scales.
  2. Serving ice cream on top of cherry pie was once illegal in Kansas.
  3. Venus is the only planet that turns clockwise.
  4. An armadillo can walk underwater.
  5. Chinese Crescent dogs can have acne.
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YTP The House Of Anubis Gang Faces Multiple Conflicts

YTP The House Of Anubis Gang Faces Multiple Conflicts

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Who do you think Fabian should stay with?

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